Dragon Age: Inquisition

Dragon Age: Inquisition was released worldwide in late 2014 and received critical acclamation and praise by a few gaming publishers, such as Game of the Year and Best role - playing awards, for its soundtrack, plot, visuals, and fights.


Following the release of Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II, Dragon Age: Inquisition is the third most relevant game of the Dragon Age saga. Considered as a well blended mix of elements from its prequel games, Dragon Age: Inquisition is a role-play game displayed in a third - person view, however, a more personal camera angle is available, in order to help the user to feel closer to its hero, and to improve the gamer’s identification process while playing.


The hero of the game is also called the Inquisitor, and the player can identify himself or herself with this main character, or follow him during his adventures in order to bring peace to the continent called Thedas, and shut an enigmatic crack in the sky also known as “the breach”, which is freeing threatening monsters around the globe. The protagonist is seen as the chosen one, due to the symbol on his hand, that enables him to close the breach in the sky and bring peace and tranquillity to Thedas and its people. The breach was actually open by the antihero called Corypheus, who constantly tries to take over and rule Thedas.


Due to its different types of view, the gamers can truly identify themselves with the Inquisitor in the quest of shutting the breach and making Thedas a safer place, the user can definitely feel in command and engaged in a mind blowing 90 hours game, with its intriguing story, witty dialogues and impressive fights and magic.